Article in Press

           Article in Press

          1. Equilibrium and Kinetic Studies for The Adsorptive Removal of Lead (II) Ions from Aqueous Solution Using Activated Plantain Peel Biochar 
            FS Nworie, EC Oroke, II Ikelle and JS Nworu

          2. Preliminary Morphological and Phytochemical Evaluation of Momordica cochinchinensis Spreng
            Halimaton Saadiah Othman, Nor Adilah Abdul Rahman and Nor Irdina Mohamed Nizam

          3. Effective Porosity Analysis in Low-Permeability Porous Media
            Muhammad Zaheer and Asfand Yar Shahab

          4. Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals: Sources, Effects And Treatments
            Muhammad Aqeel Ashraf and Mesmire Wilson

          5. Varying Impedance “Orbital Impedance Stability“ Graphene Based Supercapacitor Nanofiber Electrodes – Utilizing A New Direct Method of Studying Impedance Based on Actual Experimental Data
            Mustafa H. Mustafa

          6. Effect of Post-Harvest Dipping and Various Packaging Materials on Quality Traits of Mandarin (Citrus Reticulata Blanco.)
            Anup Paudel, Dhruba Baral, Himal Acharya and Madhav Dhital

          7. Effect of chemical preservatives on the shelf life of tomato juice
            Tajnuba Sharmin, Fahriha Nur-A Kabir, Neaj Ahmed, Md. Shohel Rana Palleb and Nilam Debi Bristi