Journal: Acta Chemica Malaysia (ACMY)
Author: Abayomi Bamisaye, Catherine Oluyemisi Eromosele, Enock Olugbenga Dare, Sivakumar Manickam, Oluseyi Adeboye Akinloye, Mopelola A. Idowu, Ige A. Raphael
ISSN: 2576-6732
e-ISSN: 2576-6724

This is an open access journal distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License CC BY 4.0, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited

DOI: 10.26480/acmy.01.2022.20.25

The challenges associated with effective drug delivery necessitates the development and adoption of modern approach. This research aims to improve the bio-potency of ofloxacin (OF) against drug resistant strains of microorganism using nanoemulsion. The emulsification was achieved by mechanochemical process. The morphological characterization of emulsion was carried out using Cryogenic-TEM (Cryo-TEM). The electro-kinetic properties and emulsion size was done using Zetasizer and Photon Correlation Photo-spectrometer (PCS). Drug-emulsion interaction study using FTIR. The antimicrobial studies of Ofloxacin (OF), non-drug loaded emulsion (COAB), drug-loaded emulsion (COAB+OF) was carried out on P. aeruginosa and pharmacokinetics were established using HPLC. Cryo-TEM micrograph showed spherical morphology with mean particle size of 166.8 and 177.5 nm for COAB and COAB+OF respectively. While PCS and Zetasizer recorded a mean value of 0.156 and -26.1 mV for COAB and 0.341, and -2.72 mV for COAB+OF respectively. This shows that the colloids are nano-sized, charged and metastable. FTIR results shows O-H absorption at 3570 – 3200 cm-1, likewise CH3 and CH2 at 3050-2895 cm-1 for OF, COAB and COAB+OF respectively. This suggests encapsulation and wholeness with no drug-excipient interactions. The antimicrobial study shows COAB+OF to me more bio-potent that OF with zone of inhibition value of 12.8±0.3 mm compared to 8.0±0.2 mm in OF at 62.50 mg/ml. HPLC showed a maximum OF concentration (Cmax) of 2.27 μg/mL at 150 min which is the drug release maxima. This study showed that encapsulating ofloxacin in castor oil based nanoemulsion system improves its bio-potency.

Pages 20-25
Year 2022
Issue 1
Volume 6